What Makes Silicon Rubber One Of The Most Durable Choices For All?

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Did you know that silicone tubes are a perfect match for any kind of product? They lead to better durability and are one of the top choices for healthcare tubing. In addition, fluid management and drainage tubing, as well as anesthesiology and respiratory equipment, and IVs are included. 

It also includes catheters, peristaltic pumps, and biopharmaceutical laboratory equipment, which are all examples of healthcare-related tubing. Therefore, it is critical that the materials used meet the highest quality standards.

In this article, we will be discussing about the reasons why silicon tubes are so popular in use? 

Reasons why silicon tubes are one of the preferred materials

Silicone tubes are one of the preferred materials for use in healthcare tubing and other extruded profiles that must meet medical device regulatory standards. When silicone rubber is converted into cured silicone tubing or extruded profiles.

It no longer contains plasticizers that can leach or be extracted, nor does it retain curing reaction by-products. Although not required, a post-cure process is highly recommended to stabilize physical dimensions and mechanical properties.

In extrusion applications, silicone elastomers outperform conventional thermoplastics such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), polyurethane (PU), ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), and poly-isoprene, bringing overall value in processing and performance. 

Adds to an excellent dimensional stability

 Silicone elastomers have excellent dimensional stability and can support very thin-walled tubing profiles due to their inherent strength and flexibility. They can also be extruded as solid profiles with large cross sections. 

Vertical oven positioning and short-curing tunnels with fewer heating elements can reduce production space. With the right equipment, a throughput of up to 50 feet per minute is possible. Silicone tubes come in one- or two-component rubber systems.

Silicon rubber is weather resistant 

In general, silicone rubber resists weathering, UV radiation, and x-rays very well. These products can be made radiopaque by adding barium sulphate, allowing them to be seen in x-rays, which is especially useful for short-term implantable parts. In addition, silicone rubber’s general hydro phobic adds to the inhibition of microbe growth.

Silicone Tubes are prepared out of the material of choice for medical, pharmaceutical, and biotech applications due to their properties. The advantages gained from using silicone elastomers begin with biocompatibility and ease of use. 

What makes silicon tubes so versatile? 

With such versatility, they provide an appealing alternative to thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers in extrusion products for healthcare applications in terms of cost/benefit ratio.

Adds to permeability

Another feature of silicones is vapors permeability, which is why they are used in wound care and prosthetics and have high biocompatibility for skin contact. In addition, silicone is simple to process and is used in almost all types of rubber processing, including compression and transfer molding, and extrusion.


Look for silicone tubes manufacturers that can bring in more varieties. The reasons are many, but you need to look into multiple causes that make it one of the grand choices among industries. 

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