When Do You Need to Hire an SEO Pro and What Questions You Need to Ask?

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There are numerous digital marketers and business owners who are capable of handling the SEO marketing aspects of their company without any problem. Even if you operate your business at the enterprise level, you may have content creators, web developers, and other essential people who can support your SEO marketing campaign.

However, as a business owner and marketer, you will face some situations when you need to hire an experienced and reputed Search Engine Optimization (SEO services) professional who will help your company reap the proper benefits of search engine optimization.

If you try to solve major SEO issues on your own, you will be frustrated and might end up losing the revenue of your company. Therefore, how do you know the perfect time to hire an SEO professional, and what questions do you need to ask them? Continue reading the article to know more.

Google Search Engine Results Aren’t Indexing Your Web Pages and Website 

When you hire an SEO professional, they will troubleshoot why your web pages or website is missing from the search engine results. It doesn’t matter which search engine you prefer the most, they will always help you.

As the SEO professionals are experienced, they won’t waste your time as they know the perfect way to solve your problem. It could be a simple insight that Google is failing to crawl your website or a more complicated issue with the URL parameters, speed, or structure of your web pages and website. Apart from that, it’s also possible that the content you upload has been plagiarized by another page or Google itself.

There are numerous reasons why Google isn’t indexing your website and hiring an SEO professional is the best way to solve this issue.

During a Website Redesign or Migration 

If you’re planning some major changes for the domain of your website, navigation, CMS platform, URL structure, and design layout, you need to consider the risks associated with the process.

If you hand over your website to the web designers blindly, you might face additional problems. As the marketer, you need to understand how the specific changes in your website will affect the overall organic traffic of your company.

Hence, you need to discuss with an SEO professional who is capable of handling the site migrations so that they can help you with the full breakdowns of different technical demands and needs. SEO professionals will also help you create a strong strategy that will reduce risks, watch for traffic abnormalities, assist in managing the migration, etc.

When Organic Traffic Decreases 

There might come a time when you will notice that the Google Search traffic is reducing. In such situations, do you know what steps will help you overcome your problem?

The drops in website traffic can happen due to multiple reasons and most of the process can be reversed. However, the solution to this problem isn’t always simple. This is why you need to hire a professional SEO consultant. As per LinkedIn, organic traffic is important for your business.

It could be the glitch of seasonal trends, algorithms that affect the site at the webpage level, or some other types of technical issues such as manual actions that can affect the traffic of your website.

A professional SEO expert will help you review the trends of your web traffic as well as determine the causes of traffic loss. This way they will be able to provide you with a better solution.

To Reverse a Manual Action 

If you think that manual action is responsible for the organic traffic drop of your website, your first step is to detect the specific type of manual action which is affecting the pages.

You need to fix all the problems on all the affected pages of your website before you start to reconsider the review. When you go through a reconsideration review, it will explain the proper issues on your website, the steps, as well as the efforts that are required to fix the problems. You can also document the outcome of your efforts. You also need to use Google to ensure that the problem won’t happen ever again. However, make sure you don’t start spamming the internet.

All of these theories need to be handled by a professional SEO expert who is capable of navigating the manual actions effectively.

Not Receiving Proper Results from SEO Strategy 

Maybe your business is partnering with a well-known SEO agency and still not receiving the expected results. The agency might not be able to fulfill your requirements from the organic channel marketing efforts.

Maybe the SEO strategy of your company worked effectively and you’ve been extremely busy devoting the proper time needed to ensure that the lead machine is operating smoothly. Maybe you’re implementing DIY SEO techniques and not enjoying its benefits.

Despite the reason, if you think that your current organic SEO strategy is not relevant to your company; it’s time to hire a professional SEO expert.

Questions You Need to Ask When Hiring a Professional SEO Expert 

Remember that the SEO professional you choose will determine the effectiveness of the SEO strategy of your company. Therefore, you need to ensure that you’re partnering with the best SEO expert. Apart from considering their capabilities for improving your website, you also need to ensure that they can handle every aspect of your SEO marketing strategy.

This is why you need to ask questions before you hire them. When you ask relevant questions, you will be able to know whether the SEO professional is relevant to your company or not. One of the most common mistakes most business owners make is that they don’t consider these questions while hiring an SEO professional. As a result, they end up partnering with someone who isn’t capable of bringing the best results. Here are the seven questions you need to ask while hiring an SEO professional.

  • Can they share a success story when they are done sharing a problem similar to yours?
  • How can they measure the success and effectiveness of your SEO marketing strategy?
  • How often will you get campaign analytics and updates?
  • What are their outsourcing areas?
  • What are their most important SEO techniques?
  • What are their payment structures?


These are things you need to know while hiring an SEO professional and some essential questions to ask before you hire them. If you have any other questions, make sure you contact us.


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