When It’s Time To Remove Your Old Hot Tub

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Your hot tub may have stopped being used due to disuse or neglect. Another possibility is that it was an undesired addition to a charming new house. You must be aware of your options once you’ve decided to take it out. Get aid with Junk Removal from residential junk removal services.

What You Should Do Is:

Turn off the electricity at the disconnect. The panels and power wire should be taken out of the control box. Use a crowbar to remove the wood bracing other than the four corners. Get rid of everything and make any necessary PVC pipe cuts. Cut the acrylic shell in half using an electric saw. Then take out and throw away every piece.

Trash It

If DIY is your thing and you just need to get rid of it, you may cut it into little pieces and throw it in your trash bin to be sent to the landfill. An eye shield, strong gloves, a Sawzall reciprocating saw, and a dust mask are all you require.

Even if this choice is the least eco-friendly, it has some advantages nonetheless: it won’t cost much, and you may do it on your timetable without further assistance. You could transport it intact to a nearby transfer station if you have access to a truck or trailer and some help.

Throw It

Numerous businesses that will come to your house, pack up your hot tub, and remove it without asking any questions are found when you search online for hot tub removal. The haulers that are more concerned with the environment recycle or salvage anything of worth. Others rush over to the landfill to discard it. You don’t sweat in any case. Just get a junk removal service. 

Trade It

Just because you don’t want this hot tub doesn’t imply no one else will. Even if you market it as completely functional, research shows that trying to give it away may be a mistake since consumers frequently believe that “free” equates to “requires costly maintenance”.

A reasonable price should be attached. Get junk removal from residential junk removal services. 

Change It

Many retailers have trade-in programs when you purchase a new hot tub. There may be value in your hot tub that may be used to offset the cost of a new one. To learn more about the prospect, speak with your dealer directly or search online for marketing collateral on manufacturer or dealer websites.

Get Innovating

Hot tubs have been used in inventive ways all over people’s homes. Making it into an insulated dog home by flipping it over, cutting an access door, and doing so was another original concept we appreciated. 

An indoor hot tub might be turned into a kid-friendly sandbox or ball pit with a little bit of work. One clever homeowner even worked out how to utilize one as an aquaponics tank for producing leafy vegetables and fish together. Give your imagination free rein!


If your outdoor space is limited, an outdated hot tub might take up a significant amount of space in your yard. By hiring a Residential Junk Removal business to remove your outdated hot tub and take it back, you can make the most of the outdoor space you have and improve its usage.