Why Do I Need a Digital Flow Control Valve?

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The digital flow control valve adjusts and controls the amount of airflow within the pneumatic system. It is often used to adjust the operating speed of actuators. Not to be confused with a regulator or pressure regulator. Although there is a relationship between pressure and flow, it doesn’t have to be a straight line. Pressure regulators can lose power and may cause component damage if used to control flow. It is sometimes also called a mass flow regulator or an electric needle valve for some types.

How Does a Flow Control Valve Work?

Although there are different types of flow regulators, they all work on a simple basic principle. The smaller the hole or opening in the pipe, The lower the airflow at a given pressure, the lower it will be. The flow regulator typically has a finely machined tapered stem that matches the profile of the seat. Completely sealed, resulting in no airflow. Because the digital flow control valve is constantly opening, a large amount of air will flow through it. 

Until fully open, air will flow through at the maximum flow rate of the device. A two-way valve controls airflow in either direction. Whereas uni-directional devices only control airflow in one direction, either to the components or to the exhaust side. One-way flow adjustment valve usually has a control device to allow full flow of air in the direction opposite to the control direction.

How Do I Choose a Flow Control Electric Hydraulic Flow Control Valve?

There are several factors to consider:

Flow Rate Control: What are the minimum and maximum controllable flow rates required for a component or process? This will also be related to the pore size of the drive. What kind of flow accuracy and accuracy is required, and is the process cycle?

Configuration: For one-way valves, Is it necessary to control exhaust rpm or intake cycle? Or do I have to use a two-way digital flow control valve?

Connections: threaded or pressure, which is the best? which corresponds to other components in the system

CONTROL METHOD – Is manual adjustment suitable for use? Or do I have to use a remote method?

Work environment: factors such as harsh environments or temperature. A limited selection of materials used in valve construction?

Working pressure: What is the maximum working pressure of the system or application?

What Kind of Proportional Control Water Flow Valve are Best:

There are various types to suit the above selection requirements:

  • Proportional Flow Control Valve – Direct operated spool with microprocessor driven position control provides precise flow control Unit offers a choice of digital flow control valve functions (5/3; 3/2; 2/2) and control parameters selectable (4 to 20 mA; 0 to 10 V; -5 to +5 V). Flow rates up to 5000 liters/min. with low-pressure drop
  • Flow control motorized valves: here, the flow control method is usually different from the previous scheme. Two ceramic discs with opening, rotating one with respect to the other. When open sections are aligned, the Unit will allow maximum flow. Because the open parts are not aligned, The flow is restricted until the flow path is completely blocked. Synchronous or stepper DC motors allow precise positioning and thus control the flow. Position feedback can be configured from 0 to 20mA or 4 to 20mA.
  • Banjo Flow Controls – These units are manually adjusted with a nut or screwdriver. They can be controlled in or out (exhaust) and pressed or screwed.
  • Again it locks the form flow control, which is a self-adjusting device. These units have high flow efficiency and are suitable for panel or wall mounting. They have a captive control pin that will not explode when unscrewed and can lock the control position. There are one-way and two-way controls.

Typical Applications for Flow Control Valves:

Proportional flow control valve are commonly used to control the speed of pneumatic actuators, any process that relies on airflow control, especially for the quality of the finished product. A flow control valve with sufficient precision must be used.

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