Why the Philippines Deserves to Meet Your Customer Service Needs

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Customer Service

For many organizations, someone in a faraway country answering calls from customers may sound like a bizarre concept. Outsourcing a call center customer service is now a profitable and workable solution because of several factors. The most significant one is the choice of the appropriate country for outsourcing call center services. The Philippines is emerging as a global call center destination with several advantages, including the culture and availability of a vast pool of talent.

Beyond time zones

Restrictions of time zones can be a significant roadblock in the success of call center services. You cannot make your employees answer calls 24/7. The Philippines has the distinction of having an ideal time zone that can help you deliver seamless call center services to your customers in the US.

You can always help your customers access the call centers in the Philippines, whether it is early morning or late night in the US. Standard working hours in the Philippines match the after-hours in North America and therefore a call center in the Philippines can serve your customers with no hassles of time zones.

Filipinos are hardworking by nature. Their sincerity and resourcefulness can be significant assets for your call center BPO Philippines venture.

Breaking the language barriers

The advanced academic system of the Philippines enables students to gain excellent exposure to the English language right from the elementary level. Any average Filipino becomes fluent in English conversation by the time of graduation. Most can gain mastery of an American accent because of their fondness for the Western culture. Filipinos master any foreign language as quickly as a fish adapts to water.  

Thanks to the five centuries of Spanish and American influence on the Philippines culture, Filipinos can comfortably communicate in common US languages. Besides, the Philippines were under US control for over three decades before being under Spanish influence for centuries.

There is natural reciprocity for American citizens among the people of the Philippines. It also explains their command of Spanish and US English. Besides, the impressive literacy rate of over 97% makes the Philippines an ideal outsourcing destination for digital marketing services. 

Preferred offshore option

The Philippines is a favorite destination for multinational companies and their overseas executives. Politeness and submissiveness are valuable qualities among Filipinos. These attributes are essential for call center services. A call center executive from the Philippines does not lose a temper with problematic customers.

The economy is a relevant consideration when searching for “SEO near me”. Most companies consider outsourcing as a cost-efficient alternative to in-house services. Standard wages in the Philippines are way below their counterparts in western countries. The wages in the Philippines are the lowest among most Asian countries.

In conclusion

The Philippines is an ideal outsourcing option for US companies. There are several advantages of considering Alliance Global Solutions as your outsourcing partner for the BPO Philippines venture. AGS helps you save time and money by outsourcing data entry, IT, customer service, and accounting to the Philippines.