Women’s clothing display skills

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A well-designed way of displaying clothes is indeed helpful for sales. Below, the editor shares the experience of women’s clothing display skills , hoping to help some friends. Many friends want to know the skills of women’s clothing display. The following editor will tell you the skills of women’s clothing display.pretty little thing discount code nhs

If you want to successfully open a women’s clothing store, you must not only know certain marketing knowledge, but also know certain matching skills. For a women’s clothing store, whether it can attract the attention of beauty-loving women is the foundation of business. Women’s clothing stores can only successfully attract beauty-loving women if they do a good job in store display.

Placing models to attract attention

If models can be placed on the street outside the store, it is best to place models, and the models wear women’s fashionable styles. Put the most beautiful clothes in the store in the most visible position to attract people passing by outside the store. Attract them to the store to browse the products.

If it is not allowed to be placed outside the store, it can also be placed on both sides of the store near the door. The store’s window space and walls are made of transparent glass, so people can see these beautiful women’s clothes when they pass by.

In-store display

1; place the model in the position facing the door;

This depends on the space in the store. If the space in the store is small and conditions do not allow it, don’t force it.

2; In the middle of the store, in addition to placing the models in front of the door, there should also be a row of hanging clothes. The clothes you hang must be new. Do not hang too close between clothes.

3; Clothes should also be hung on the walls on both sides of the store

Hang it in two layers, it is recommended to hang pants on the lower layer; tops on the upper layer; or skirts. If the store space is large, hang one floor.

4; The wall facing the door is also to hang clothes

Also has two suspensions. It is recommended to hang pants on the lower layer; tops on the upper layer; or skirts. If the store space is large, hang one floor.

If it is a brand monopoly, there is no need to hang clothes on this wall, and a large poster can be made on the wall to promote the brand’s poster.

5; Set up a fitting room in the corner of the store; it is convenient for customers to try clothes.

If the space in the store allows, it is recommended to put some low sofas and stools, so that customers can have a place to sit when they are tired.  h&m discount code nhs

Scientific grouping method: 

Classify women’s clothing according to color, price and style, so that customers can follow the rules when shopping, and make purchases more convenient.

Frequent adjustments and changes:

 The clothing and display of women’s clothing stores must keep up with the trend. According to seasonal changes, when new products are launched, the store must make corresponding adjustments, change the previous display methods, and mainly highlight new products.

Circular repetition method:

 Clothing displayed in the corner should be changed frequently, so as not to affect the sales due to the inconspicuous display position.

Joint sales:

 A series of products such as pants, shoes, and accessories that can be matched with clothing are displayed together, making it easier for customers to buy in sets.

Use models to display products: 

Wear clothes on models, which can better reflect the effect of wearing clothes, make customers more immersive, and stimulate their desire to buy.

Eat First
Women’s clothing stores must first be kept as clean as they should be. The venue is clean and tidy, the clothing shelves are dust-free, the goods are stacked and hung flat, and the lighting is bright. Only such a storefront environment will give customers a good shopping environment. In addition, women’s clothing stores should also pay attention to the specifications of the division of the store area. The display, folding, and sampling of clothing can be implemented in accordance with the standards of each clothing brand or routine.

Pay attention to harmony
Women’s clothing stores must pay attention to harmony, and must ensure the rationality of channel planning, and the placement of shelves and props must conform to customers’ shopping habits and ergonomics. The division of the clothing area should be in line with the promotion of the brand, the clothing display should have a certain sense of rhythm, and the colors should be coordinated and natural.

highlight fashion
Clothing, as a fashion product, has been paid more and more attention by people for its fashion. If a women’s clothing store wants to successfully attract popularity, it must be more fashionable; the display of women’s clothing stores must have a sense of fashion, so that customers can clearly understand the main products and colors from the display of boutique women’s clothing stores. More importantly, clothing display should form its own characteristics, which cannot be copied by other stores.

The theme is obvious
Women’s clothing store displays are best made around a clear theme, so that the sales store can form a specific atmosphere or mood. . For example, it can be combined with a specific festival or event to focus on displaying fashionable clothing. It is also possible to choose a specific setting to display the garments. Sometimes the clerk’s clothing can even be changed to match different scenes, so that each special theme can attract consumers.

close-up display
This is a relatively special display method, mainly using contrast and other methods to highlight a kind of clothing for publicity and display. Generally, when new products are launched, this display method is adopted, using special light sources to illuminate or place them in obvious positions to highlight key clothing. Save with Debenhams Voucher Code, Debenhams NHS Discount Code, Debenhams NHS Discounts, Debenhams coupon code 10 Off, Debenhams NHS Discount and Debenhams Promo Code , Debenhams Discount Code NHS and Debenhams Discount Code


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