Wonderful Facts That You Will Adore About The Crate And Barrel Furniture

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There are five wonderful things that we adore about the crate and barrel furniture experience. Consumers are spending more time than ever before at home, and a large number of them are seeking for ways to better their surroundings, specifically their homes. The addition of new home decor is among the least difficult ways to make modifications to one’s home.

The addition of even a few new pieces of crate and barrel furniture may make an area feel more “fresh.” However, because most brick-and-mortar establishments owned by retailers have been shuttered due to the pandemic, customers have been forced to make their purchases through internet retailers.

Number Of Furniture Purchases Made Online

According to Blueport Commerce, the number of crate and barrel furniture purchases made online had an increase of more than 300 percent in the month of April 2020. However, for a large number of customers, shopping for furniture online can still be an overwhelming experience. Because of the dramatic increase in the number of customers who buy furniture online—many of whom are doing so for the first time.

it is essential for companies to maximize the eCommerce experience they provide in order to make shopping online just as engaging as shopping in physical stores. But many businesses don’t even know where to begin, let alone how to build an online presence that puts them on equal footing with the likes of Amazon and other behemoths of the online retail industry.

We Are Here To Be Of Assistance

The crate and barrel furniture brand will be the focus of our attention today. They have designed an incredible online shopping experience for you to enjoy at crateandbarrel and we hope that it sparks some ideas for you.

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You Can Navigate Around Their Site Indefinitely

Customers would prefer not to have to make selections in order to examine things if they may have the experience of browsing through all of your offerings on your website. crate and barrel furniture makes it possible for buyers to view all of the company’s products on a single page by incorporating an option known as “endless scrolling,” which eliminates the need for customers to navigate to a number of different pages.

crate and barrel furniture needed to be able to make available photos of each product that were of a high quality so that they could create this experience. The Virtual Photographer in Threekit was responsible for making this happen.

In-Depth Product Photographs That Highlight Each Product

They offer in-depth product photographs that highlight each product as well as the various configurations that are available for it.

When making purchases online, the majority of customers base their judgments on the photos provided and anticipate seeing approximately eight photographs for each product. In addition, the product visuals will dynamically change to reflect the customer’s preferences as they make decisions.

Crate And Barrel Goal Of Producing High-Quality Photographs

crate and barrel furniture had the goal of producing high-quality photographs for each and every potential product combination. This would enable buyers to have a more precise mental image of the products that they were going to buy. Before they started using Threekit, Crate and Barrel could only obtain photos for around 30 percent of their total product line. They can now accurately portray their complete product line thanks to this new capability.

Price Of The Product Adjusts In Real Time

The price of the product adjusts in real time based on the configuration chosen by the customer

The pricing of the majority of different types of furniture can be altered depending on the type of cloth or other customization options that are chosen. crate and barrel furniture took this into consideration when they coupled the visual configuration experience with pricing logic, which allows the price point to be dynamically updated as the user configures their new product.

Website Features Interactive Elements

The website features interactive elements, which increase the level of interaction shown by customers. crate and barrel furniture developed an interactive sectional configurator that enables clients to visually design the precise sectional that meets their needs. They went so far as to give measurements for the consumers, making it simple for them to determine whether or not the sectional will work well in the space they have.

Visual Representation Of The Product

The visual representation of the product is carried into the shopping basket. In a standard online shopping cart, you might find a thumbnail-sized stock image of a previous model of the item that you are about to buy. Crate and Barrel made the decision to enhance the shopping cart experience by including dynamic product photos of the highest possible quality, which helps raise customers’ confidence in their purchases.

Shopping Experience Of Your Ecommerce Customers

Today is the day to optimize the shopping experience of your eCommerce customers. Crate and Barrel was able to improve their online customer experience by including rich product photography and crate and barrel discount code to boost engagement and conversions online. These changes were made by the company.

Through the development of this experience, they were able to transform their eCommerce platform into their primary sales channel, which now accounts for approximately 45 percent of all sales. We hope that this has given you some ideas on how to optimize the website you use for your eCommerce business. You are welcome to submit a request for a personalized demonstration on this page.

An Excursion To Crate & Barrel For Shopping

It has been a few months since I last posted a post on a shopping trip, but in all honesty, I have been content to remain quite near to my residence as of late. Having said that, I did need to grab a few styling elements for some forthcoming projects. if you would like to discuss your options with a knowledgeable member of our team or obtain additional information regarding the 3D configuration, augmented reality, and virtual photography that Threekit provides.

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