WordPress Tips for Businesses in Wichita

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If you’re a business owner in Wichita, then you know that WordPress is an excellent platform to use for your website. It’s affordable, user-friendly, and customizable. However, not everybody has experience with the platform. Therefore, we’re going to discuss some of the best WordPress tips for businesses in Wichita. We’ll cover everything from setting up your website to adding content to optimizing your site for search engines.

Get Dedicated Hosting

One of the most important WordPress tips for businesses in Wichita is to get dedicated hosting. This means that your website will be hosted on a server that is solely dedicated to your website. This is important because it will ensure that your website loads quickly and efficiently (important for users and search engines!). Furthermore, it will also give you more control over your website and allow you to customize it more to your liking.

Choose the Right Theme

Although it can be difficult to find the perfect WordPress theme for your business, it is important to take your time and choose one that is well-designed and responsive (meaning it will look good on mobile devices). A good theme will also be easy to customize so that you can change things like the color scheme and layout to better suit your brand.


WordPress plugins are pieces of software that can be added to a WordPress website to add new features or functionality. There are plugins for just about everything, from contact form builders to social media integrations.

Choosing the right plugins for your website can be a bit overwhelming, but it is important to only select plugins that are well-rated and compatible with the version of WordPress you are using. You can find plugins by searching the WordPress plugin directory or through third-party websites.

Once you have found a plugin you want to use, simply click “Install Now” and follow the prompts. After the plugin has been installed, you will need to activate it to start using it. Most plugins will have a settings page where you can configure the plugin to your liking.

Utilize the Blogging Features

Regardless of your business type, a blog can be a valuable tool to reach out to your target audience. If you are not sure what to write about, consider creating content that is relevant to your industry or that provides helpful tips and advice. You can also use your blog to share news about your business, such as new products or services, or special promotions.

If you’re struggling with your blogging strategy, contact a local SEO agency in Wichita for help. After the initial consultation, they will help you develop a plan that will get your business noticed online. This strategy may contain guest blogging, social media marketing, and other digital marketing tactics.

Remember SSL Site Security

When creating your website, it is important to remember to add an SSL Certificate. This will ensure that all data exchanged between your site and visitors is secure. You can add an SSL Certificate through your hosting provider or a WordPress plugin.

If you’re selling products or services on your website, then you will need to have an SSL Certificate to protect your customers’ information. Adding an SSL Certificate is a simple process and it will give your customers peace of mind knowing that their information is safe.

Filter All Contact Forms

What does this mean? Contact forms are a great way to gather information from your website visitors. However, they can also be used by spammers to send you unwanted messages. To combat this, you can install a plugin that will filter all contact form submissions and only allow messages from real people to come through.