YouTube Live: How to LiveStream on YouTube and Increase Engagement

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Nowadays, we don’t only view videos. We interact with them in live streaming. If we take part in an online meeting, watch an event streamed live on television, or catch a live performance of the comedian we love, We can share moments of laughter, the thrill of applause, suspense, and awe regardless of how far we are from those watching. Due to this shared joy, numerous businesses turn to live streaming to interact with their audience. Today, anyone can live stream live from their social media accounts or even their designed website.

This article will discover the steps to stream live your videos on YouTube step-by-step. We’ll also give ideas and tips to help you create the video of your choice.  If you’re not yet launched, you can use this YouTube name generator to start your YouTube channel by choosing the most appropriate name. You can also with SubPals.

How do you start using YouTube Live?


Before going live on YouTube, it is necessary to accomplish a few things:

The first step is to get the right recording equipment. This includes:


  • Microphone: Connect an audio source to your device or computer. Although the built-in microphone should suffice for most purposes, Some people prefer an external microphone to reduce background noise and provide excellent audio.
  • Webcams: Attach an HD webcam to your PC or buy a handheld video camera to create high-quality professional content. If you prefer filming using your smartphone, invest in a tripod that can hold the phone and ensure a steady camera.
  • Encoder (optional):An encoder transforms your video into streamable content for use on the internet. An encoder is only required when you stream using other tools, such as professional audio or video gear (more on this in the future). Streamlabs OBS is a well-known, easy-to-download, user-friendly encoder software that works with YouTube Live.

After you’ve set up your equipment, you’ll have to enable Live streaming to your accounts. Take these steps to do this:


Visit YouTube.

  1. In the upper right corner, you will see on the top right, then click Create. After that, click Go Live.
  2. Follow the steps to confirm your channel. YouTube will require you to enter your contact number to get a verification code.
  3. Be aware that it can take up to 24-hours to be able to start the first livestream. So, you should begin the process at least one day before the day you want to stream live. Once it’s done, it’s possible to start live streaming instantly.


Live stream lives on YouTube 3 ways to live stream on YouTube.


You can capture the live streaming with three different options: webcam, mobile, and We’ll discuss each option so that you can select the right solution for your requirements.



Live stream on mobile

Mobile is a popular platform to vlog, and for short updates, videos live. However, be aware that you’ll need a minimum of 1,000 subscribers for live streaming on mobile. Here’s how you can live stream using your mobile:

Go to the YouTube Channel using YouTube on your phone or tablet. YouTube App on your smartphone or tablet.

On the top-right Screen, tap Capture, then click Go Live. (At this moment, YouTube will ask you to sign up for live streaming if it hasn’t been done previously.)


  • Follow the instructions to prepare your video.
  • For scheduling the movie to play for future viewing, click More Options.
  • To configure options like monetization or live chat for live chat, select More Options and then Show More before tapping Next.
  • For sharing your Screen on your video, click Create Channel and then Share Screen.
  • It’s time for the most significant time: Tap Go Live.
  • You can click Finish to close the recording. Your channel will create an archive from the recording.



Tips for a successful stream: Scheduling your live stream ahead of time is the same process. You need to click Capture at the bottom right-hand corner of YouTube and then click Go Live. You’ll then see your calendar, and you can choose the stream you’d like to record.


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